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Farming Simulator: A Championship to Excite Careers! | Xbox One

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The main media in France reported that a few weeks ago, this time it’s official: the Ministry of Agriculture and Food launches the national team championship on agricultural simulation, farming simulator. An opportunity for the young audience to try their hand at land deals with the possibility of winning prizes.

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A few days before the release of the next installment in the franchise, farming simulator 22, publisher and developer GIANTS Software is joining the French government and co-organizing a tournament aimed at promoting both the game and the farming professions. in a Press releaseOver the next decade, the ministry states, 50% of active farmers will be of retirement age. So there is an urgent need to raise invitations, even if it means going the hypothetical route of encouraging young people to discover jobs that are often overlooked, but essential to our country’s food journey.

So the tournament will take place in the match Farming Simulator 19 And only on the PC. To participate, candidates must have a valid account in the game as well as DLC content for the Farming Simulator League tournament. Registration is open until November 26 for people over 12 years of age and is divided into the “Agricultural Education” or “General Public” categories. The sponsor of this edition, Youtubeur Stervio will also be present on December 4, at the Agricultural School of Crézancy (Aisne), as part of the “Farming Reality” operation. A way to experience the tournament in a realistic environment and enjoy the entertainment.

Therefore, the tournament will be organized in two distinct phases:

  • Qualifying stage to be held on 27/28 November
  • Final broadcast on Twitch that will see two teams compete on December 6

Finalists will receive the following prizes:

  • computer screen “games”
  • A copy of the game Farming Simulator 22
  • Food basket from agricultural schools

The registration procedure as well as all the information is available at official site Ministry of Agriculture and Food. On the console side, Farming Simulator 22 will make a big comeback on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S on November 22 after skipping the 2020 and 2021 versions. Let’s remember that Farming Simulator 19 is available at Xbox Game Pass Console, PC and xCloud If you want to exercise.

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