Fatal ATV Collisions Increase, SQ Raise Awareness

Each on his quad, two clients mint Prepare to patrol the popular lanes of Trois-Sautes in the municipality of Boischatel.

Police are monitoring quad passengers, but are also making awareness-raising interventions.

During the 2020-2021 season, 31 fatal accidents occurred in MTB Occurred in Quebec trails.

We would like to reduce the next balance sheetSergeant summarizesmintBeatrice Dorsenville.

The two main causes of collision, she says, are speeding and driving with a disability.

The sergeant reminds us that the speed limit on the tracks is 50 km / h.

According to her, the increase in collisions is partly related to the epidemic.

With the spread of the epidemic, there was a rise in purchases of this type of vehicle, then due to the limited experience of many drivers, Sûreté du Québec decided to publish this process with its partners.explains Sgt. Dorsenville.

Ride on the right tracks

If it was just a walk MTB It can be fatal, and it can also harm infrastructure and the environment.

Jean Landry, director of Charlevoix-Montmorency, for example, Trois-Sauts, where off-road vehicles are prohibited in summer.

It causes damage to infrastructure, including sewer bridges, but can also cause damage to the environment.Mr. Landry argues.

It shows that riding in wetlands away from trails can reduce water quality due to erosion and sedimentation.

It also changes the habitat of fish.

Not to mention the dangers of water pollution with hydrocarbons used in MTB.

Mr. Landry believes that although fences have been erected in the area to prevent off-road vehicles from passing in the summer, a police operation is now necessary.

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Rights of the road are only for the winter, that’s the problemhe thinks.

Another similar operation is taking place simultaneously in the Charlevoix region.

With information from Camille Carpentier

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