Faubourg Sagamie got the desired change in zoning

Recently, Saguenay’s elected officials discussed this issue at a council meeting, in the broader context of requests to rehabilitate some malls. Changes in profession are necessary due to reduced traffic in shopping centers. The COVID-19 pandemic has obviously caused mall attendance to drop dramatically, along with online shopping, which is increasingly common among consumers.

When this file was discussed at the council meeting a few weeks ago, it was informed that the buyer wanted the entire building to be demolished. During the formal adoption of the bylaws on Monday night, Chancellor Cote made it clear that the resolution’s poor wording suggested the building would disappear entirely.

He also said that only part of the building will disappear and that tenants who wish to stay within the boundaries of the shopping center and who may fear eviction can be reassured.

Due to the move to the yellow zone on Monday, Sagueni’s municipal council was able to hold its meetings face to face. The media and the public were also accepted.

Photo: Radio Canada/Melissa Gagnon

Mayor Jose Neron was also reassuring by pointing out that metro supermarkets and offices leg They wished to remain in Faubourg Sagamie.

The settlement was subject to public consultation, but Sagweni’s Department of Legal Affairs and Registration received no opposition.

On the part of Odacité Immobilier, Director of Business Development, Sébastien Morissette, explained that the Mont-Saint-Hilaire company, which had made a purchase offer for the acquisition of the boulevard du Royaume shopping center, that its aim was to fully review the configuration of the building so that it accommodates both housing and shops.

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According to him, the project will be beneficial to the community and will ensure the sustainability of this Arvida mall.

Old prison entrance.

The architects gave prominence to the old prison facade in the new project.

Photo: Radio Canada/Priscilla Plamondon Lancet

Shikotimi Prison Permit

In addition, part of the old Brice Street prison in Chicotime may be demolished to make way for a new center for people with mental health problems.

The Saguenay Demolition Permit Study Committee accepted the request of the representatives of the Center l’Équilibre. A press conference was also held in mid-April, during which the Minister in charge of the District, Andre LaForest, and her colleague, Chair of the Treasury Board, Sonia Lebel, announced the future profession of the building. However, concerns have been raised about the protection of the original structure.

Since many of the heritage buildings in Sagueni have disappeared, a committee has been set up to meticulously evaluate demolition requests. After the analyzes, he concluded that the part known as the central anterior section, where the offices of the prison administration were located, should be preserved.

Saguenay and Angoulême become twins again

Saguenay re-releases her association with Angouleme, France.

There has been a partnership since the 1960s between the French municipality and the former city of Chicôtime. However, as Mayor Jose Neron explained, during Monday’s municipal council meeting, which was held for the first time since November, this assembly was in a state of hibernation.

It was Angouleme that launched a pole in Saguenay with the aim of jointly signing the 2021-2024 action plan outlining the main areas of cooperation between the two cities. Partnership is socially, economically and culturally beneficial to both parties.

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