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FC Edmonton remains in limbo

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As he has done all season, coach right Now coach He tries to make sure his players focus on the matches they have to play rather than on the managerial aspects that matter to the organization.

The list remains ownerless and the league runs the team’s day-to-day operations.

right Now coach He knows it’s going to be a tough season. He had started building a formation last year and had given himself three years to reach maturity.

Since all the players were released after the owners pulled out of the team, the coach had to start over with new players, all on a one-year contract. This means that if the team stays in Edmonton next season, they will have to start over.

The team won only three matches, but the coach is nevertheless proud of his group.

Je suis fier du travail accompli, bien sûr quand tu joues, tu veux gagner et je crois que notre série de trois matchs consécutifs sans défaite est en quelque sorte une récompense pour nos de puis de qule leur é the classroom.

right Now coach He says the team’s record (three wins, seven draws, and 13 losses) does not represent the season yet.

According to Wesley striker Thomas Lanka Timoteo, the team has continued to improve since the start of the year.

One of the things we have improved the most is our work in the second half. We happened to lead games in the first half but then lost because of the lack of intensity.

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The person who ranks third in PLC In the five assists assist, he would like to return to Edmonton next year, but like the rest of the organization, he doesn’t know what his future holds.

I like what we’ve built here and would love to be able to continue our work together, but we don’t even know if the team will return to Edmonton next year.

Even if the team returns, it would be surprising to see the 22-year-old return to play in the Alberta capital.

is contracted with hikers From Halifax, they compared him to FC Edmonton. With the season going by, Wesley Thomas Lanka Timoteo will undoubtedly return to the Maritimes team.

Edmonton on Friday York united Before hosting Calgary Cavalry FC on September 17th at Clark Stadium.

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