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Hungary was added to the list of enemies of Russia. Come to the club, said Lipavsk

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Russian Ambassador to Hungary Yevgeny Stanislavov stated that the reason for Hungary’s placement on the list is that it has signed up to all of Brussels’ anti-Russian sanctions and is obliged to comply strictly with them. Therefore, according to the ambassador, it is classified as an unfriendly country for Russia, and retaliatory measures may be taken against it. Union agency.

According to Stanislavov, the imposed sanctions had a negative impact on all areas of cooperation between Moscow and Budapest, from the economy to human contacts. The diplomat immediately stated that the work of the Russian embassy in Hungary had been disrupted by the sanctions.

Maastricht’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, has become the subject of sharp criticism from EU and NATO allies over his close ties with Russia even after Russian forces invaded Ukraine. And the prime minister of your opposition opposes sanctions against Moscow, so the situation against adding weapons to Ukraine is Marsk land.

Hungary’s inclusion in the list was advanced by Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavesque, who proudly wrote a note in the clubhouse. According to him, the Czech Republic is ready to share practical experience with existing equipment.

Say that about the way Russia sees the world around, the minister said to one of the foreign ministers of the Bucharest Group in Poland. The list includes the United States of America, European Union countries, Ukraine and other countries that, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, imposed sanctions on Russia or joined it, such as Britain, Japan, Korea or Japan.

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bucharest devtka

The main points of the meeting were humanitarian, military and political support for Ukraine. Before leaving for Lody Lipavsk, he said that the Czech Republic would not leave until the end of Russian aggression. The so-called Bucharest devtka (B9) includes R, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania.

Lipavsk noted that the Czech Republic, given its history and geographic location, provides a useful insight into Russian aspirations and thinking. In addition to supporting Ukraine, the ministers will talk about the Common Security and Defense Policy. He added that I know that the combined forces will turn me into a permanent scientist if the conditions are right.

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