Federal elections: the picture remains the same in Istrey | Canada elections 2021

Thus the disposals of Sherbrooke and Compton Stansted remain in the hands of the Liberals. The Conservative Party retains its seats in Mégantic-L’Érable and Richmond-Arthabaska. As for Shefford and Drummond, the Quebecwa bloc will again represent the electorate.

Marie-Claude Bibeau's reaction to her re-election at Compton Stansted.

Marie-Claude Bebeau as Radio Canada announces her re-election in Compton Stansted.

Photo: Radio Canada / Region Place

Only one new person will enter the federal political picture of Estri, the member to be elected in Prom-Missiskoye. The constituency was represented by Lynne Bessette, but the latter announced in July that she would not run for re-election and would leave political life.

However, at 1 a.m. on Tuesday, the winner had yet to be announced, and the fight was very close between bloc candidate Marilou Allary and liberal Pascal Saint-Aung. Counting of votes obtained by mail shall make it possible to elect a deputy on Tuesday during the day.

The fight was also promising to be heated up in Shefford, where Adrien Laroche, of the Quebecwa bloc, and Pierre Breton, of the Liberal Party, faced each other for a second time. In the end, it was the bloc that won the ballot.

Adrien Laroche moved

Adrien Laroche on the occasion of her victory announcement.

Photo: Radio Canada/Tetouan Bossier

Many MPs saw their majority increase compared to 2019. If Elizabeth Brier won 634 votes in the last election, this time she won nearly 3,000 votes. In the region, it was Luc Berthold of Mégantic-L’Érable who received the largest majority, over 16,000 votes over his nearest opponent, Quebec’s bloc Eric Labonte.

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Without changing the result of the vote, the final results can be called to change, since more than 11,000 residents of eastern towns took advantage of their right to vote by mail. These cards will be counted on Tuesday. For example, in Sherbrooke, 2,333 people chose this method of voting.

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