Federica Brignoni wins the St. Moritz Super G

Quebec Marie-Michel Gagnon was unable to complete the event.

Ronnie Remy was the best Canadian with a 44th place.

Third in 43/100, like the day before, American Michaela Shiffrin took advantage of her visit to Graub√ľnden to cement her top spot in the general classification ahead of another weekend of speed at Val d’Isere.

And Federica Brignoni rewarded her versatility with the Big World for 2020, as she signed off on her 17th World Cup win, her fifth in the Super G, by defeating Elena Cortone by 11/100, in a super fast track.

Not only did the Canadian coach pull a turn much less than the day before, on crowded snow, but the start was delayed by about forty minutes and reduced by strong winds, blowing on the backs of the contenders.

Under these difficult conditions, Lara Gut Bahrami netted, after an excellent start to the race, and was unable to make the double after winning the previous day. She managed to get up and down on the skis, still holding her sticks with one hand.

Her great rival Sofia Jogja, who finished second on Saturday, skated more cautiously than usual (6 at 75/100), nonetheless cementing her second place in the World Grand Prix while becoming the only leader in the Super G standings.

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