Fête de la science celebrates its 30th anniversary

It is an unmissable event at the start of the school year, one that is becoming familiar, and appreciated by both the French and the scientists who participate in it across France: the Fête de la science returns from October 1-11 and is already celebrating its 30th anniversary. A memory that will, of course, be celebrated with dignity through a very rich programme. “Last year with the Covid-19 health crisis, it was complicated even if we kept certain dates,” says Johan Langot, director of Science Animation, the science center that runs events in Occitanie. Most of the events were actually organized online, whether it was discussions with researchers or virtual visits to research laboratories. This year it is back to normal. “The maximum of our events will be face-to-face. We will be present in 110 cities in the region with 600 events in all sections, from small villages to large cities”, rejoices Johan Langot, stressing the will of the Fête de la Fare to reach all audiences wherever they are. Thus, each department has the right to have its own scientific village during the week.

‘Passion of discovery’

This 30th edition will be organized around the theme “The Emotion of Discovery”. “Researchers will tell about their discovery. There will also be a historical approach with great scientific discoveries,” outlines Johan Langot, who with his teams has designed an unprecedented process of “30 Years, 30 High Schools.” This will be done in secondary schools in the thirteen departments of the Occitanie region to separate truth from falsehood in the films, series and video games that young people prefer. In the form of sketches and discussions, these distinct moments of exchange will be led by doctoral students and researchers from science comedy show. The opportunity to discover research in a new light and show that science allows us to better understand our world,” the organizers explained.

In the two capitals of the region, Toulouse and Montpellier, cities of science and knowledge, the 30th edition of the Fête de la science will be of particular interest. In Toulouse, Université Paul-Sabatier will present an original itinerary of 30 events to rediscover the passion of discovery, but also an escape game on the topic of Immunescape and exhibits on the Journey to the Moon on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 15 mission.

In Montpellier, the Fête de la science will take place in three locations: Lunaret park, Science Village and Corum where the New World Forum will be held, sponsored by the group. Sendon sustainable development topics.

Finally, this 30th edition has chosen a favorite national godmother and regional ambassador. Toulouse journalist Chloe Nabidian, who reports weather for France 2 and is heavily involved in climate change issues, is the national godmother of Fête de la science. The regional ambassador is Benjamin Roche, a health and disease environment specialist at the MiveGec laboratory in Montpellier, and an expert in biodiversity.

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