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Fewer planes, new trend?

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Maria Gill
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Ministry of Transport already Advertising On June 24, it limited 440,000 take-offs from Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, down 12% from pre-pandemic levels. This measure will enter into force in 2023. It is the third busiest airport in Europe.

The government justifies its announcement before Emission reduction Greenhouse gases, in addition to reducing noise pollution. “This is a necessary contribution from the aviation sector,” the statement said.

KLM criticized the decision, saying it would hurt the airport’s “crossroads” career.

Overall, the aviation sector in 2019 equated to 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. a recent report From the International Council on Sustainable Transport, a US lobbying group, concluded that to do its part in the run-up to the two-degree increase, air transport must switch to greener fuels, but above all reduce the number of its flights.

The The current staff shortage At airports temporarily helps: Air Canada Announced this week It canceled 150 flights a day this summer, especially on domestic or short-haul routes. In 2021, a new law in France scrapped flights on routes that trains could complete in less than 2.5 hours.

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