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“He will always be engraved in our memories.” – Alan Danault

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In his first season in Los Angeles, Philip Danault exploded by scoring 27 goals for a total of 51 points. Although he was able to contribute offensively, the Victorian midfielder never scored more than 13 goals during his time with the Montreal Canadiens.

Less than a year after signing a six-year, $33 million contract, the Kings are proud of their accomplishments. At the family level, the athlete’s father is not surprised by his performance.

See the interview with Alain Danault in The Reader, reverse, and above.

“Honestly, personally, I’m not really surprised by his attacking talent because I’ve followed him throughout his career,” Alan Danault explained, Thursday, during an interview with TVASports.ca at Victoriaville Golf Club, of which he is general manager.

“In the juniors he scored a lot of goals and collected a lot of points, so I know very well his attacking style.”

Danault said he wanted to stay with Bleu-blanc-rouge while he took on more offensive responsibilities—perhaps he felt hatching was close? – But contract negotiations collapsed with the old regime. Quebec agent Don Meehan confirmed during a recent interview with TVA Sports that the $500,000 annual sum separates the two camps.

The latter also made it clear, as he does with all his clients, that the role within the team is just as important as the agreement on which he attaches his signature. As evidence, in kings, Danault was charmed by President Luc Ropitel’s promises and director Rob Blake, then they were answered on the ice.

“I am not really surprised by his production, but I am really very happy for the very simple reason that he is happy. He has found, I say, a little more normal life with Marie-Pierre, then the children.

“As for the rest, it was a really unusual time in Montreal and he enjoyed it, I’m sure.”

Danault recently noted with a touch of sarcasm on Radio Montreal 91.9 Sports that he “did not jump for joy” when Kings announced the appointment of his former chief executive, Marc Bergiveen. For Alan Danault, the two men buried the last.

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“Philip has talked about it a little bit and it is definitely work. These are things that happen and now I think they both have moved forward.”

Image source: Louis-André Larivière | Sports VAT

Always blue, white and red fibers

Some Sainte-Flanelle believers do not forgive the old order, which was before the advent of Gorton-Hughes, for letting Danault escape another heaven. Loved by fans for the effort he put in during matches and appreciated by members of the press for his candor, the former Tiger provided unforgettable moments for those close to him.

displacement to California Dreaming Not that his father has changed his allegiance.

“I’m a huge fan of the Montreal Canadiens,” he said. When you know your son has just traded with this team, an incredible breed, you can’t help but be satisfied.

“I think the whole family had five wonderful years with the Canadians and after that it will always be engraved in our memory, this passage. Let us always remember that one of our family members played for this great organization.”

“It was an honor.”

Other than the treatment, what are Alan Danault’s fondest memories of? You don’t have to look far.

“The pass he did to Arturi Leconen (in the semi-finals) to knock out Las Vegas. We were there last year. We were there at the Bell Center. By the way it was hysterical for everyone. Plus San Han,” Philip said.

“Probably the best moment in Philip’s time as far as I’m concerned in Montreal.”

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Laconon sends the Canadians to the final! –

Canada Cup in August

As his son prepares to put his skates back on, Alan Danault will not be idle. Victoriaville Golf Club will host the ninth edition of the Canada Cup from August 11-14. This tournament brings together the best professional golfers from Canada to the United States.

This is an exceptional event that will be in its ninth edition this year. There is a $125,000 purse at stake, including $25,000 for the hero.

“Last year Newfoundlander Blair Bursey won the event and he’s coming to defend his title this year, so it’s a really cool event and people can attend absolutely for free.”

Among the expected Peel County golfers are Johan Benson, Kevin Fortin Simard (Quebec Player of the Year in 2021), Max Gilbert, Brandon Lacas and some veterans like Marc-Etienne Boussier and Dave Levesque.

On Thursday, the club organized the third edition of the Classic Champions Tournament Goalkeeper Samuel Montembolt as honorary president. In the evening, more than $15,000 in scholarships was distributed to 11 young athletes.

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