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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster: Release postponed to February 2022

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Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remastered

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Square Enix announced the release of Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster at the start of the 2021 school year. But today we learned that the game will finally be available in February 2022.

This is through a message posted on the official Twitter account of Final Fantasy Posted on a blog steam who – which Officially announced. The development team explains that the delay is mainly due to the desire to provide the best possible gaming experience and that they prefer to spend all the time necessary to achieve this goal. To make up for the wait, additional rewards have been added for players who pre-ordered the game, whether it’s the game alone or the pre-order that includes all episodes of the franchise. pixel art. Thus, the respective players are entitled to exclusive music but also exclusive wallpapers.

Battle scene in Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster, a new version of cult games

If you are a fan of Final FantasyYou must have noticed some Japanese publishers Square Enix I specialized in remaking old surnames. However, this practice is not the latest since the first remasters were launched in the early 2000s with the forgotten WonderSwan Coloro, the popular Game Boy Color competitor. Back then, these are the episodes Final FantasyAnd Final Fantasy IIAnd Final Fantasy IV And Final Fantasy Legend Which will be released on the mobile console of Bandai. Using 16-bit style graphics, Square Enix So it decided to continue its momentum and introduce players to find the first six episodes of the famous license Final FantasyThe games are available on PC, IOS and Android.

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While Naoki Yoshida recently brought in the long-awaited news Final Fantasy XVI, realize that the Japanese publisher Square Enix He’s had several problems in recent weeks. In fact, after the announcement of the postponement Final Fantasy VI Pixel RemasteredRecently, the publisher made the decision to halt sales of the latest MMORPG expansion Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Although this can be positive from a commercial point of view, these two problems can affect the image of the publisher, who wants to be close to his community. However, there is no doubt that fans will be there when the final release date of Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remastered will be announced.

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