Where exactly is the International Space Station now?

The European Space Agency (ESA) provides a tool that allows to see the location of the International Space Station (ISS) above Earth.

Since April 23, 2021, Thomas Pesquet Again on board the International Space Station, at speeds of more than 28,000 km / h, that is, nearly 400 km above the surface of the Earth. He will stay there for six months. During his stay, He will lead the International Space StationAnd the He will conduct scientific experimentsAnd performing spacewalks Will set a new record for France.

Where is the International Space Station located in space?

During its journey, you have the opportunity to know the location of the International Space Station orbiting the Earth in real time. You just need to Go to a dedicated page European Space Agency (ESA). This tracking is a good way to find out if and when the International Space Station is passing over your home. In fact, it is possible that Distinguish the station with the naked eye, Weather permits.

If you wish to anticipate the International Space Station’s passage in advance, the US Space Agency provides a tool on the site Station spot. To use it, simply locate the marker on the map closest to your geographic location. Then select “View View Opportunities” for a list of visits for a specific period – for example, from April 30th to May 15th.

Is this a bird? Is it a plane? No ! It is the International Space Station. // Source : Clement Lariff

In Earth orbit, the International Space Station only takes about 90 minutes to complete a full circle around the blue planet. In fact, the crew on the ship is entitled to sixteen dawn and dusk in a single day. The tracker provided by ESA also shows where the International Space Station is located 90 minutes before and where you will be in 90 minutes. There is a displacement of 2,200 km from the International Space Station, due to the Earth’s rotation.

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Besides the position of the International Space Station in orbit, there is another instrument that can be used Find out how many people are currently in space. At the end of April, they were 11, but since the beginning of May, that number has decreased to seven. Indeed, the four astronauts are on the Crew-1 mission He is back on Earth During the previous weekend (which is organizing Small problem of anchors on the International Space Station).

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