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Finally, “Drag Race France” continues to broadcast on France 2

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Here is the good news that fans were hoping for: while France TV initially planned to broadcast only the first episode of drag race On France 2, change of foot: The season remains on the program on the channel as well as broadcast on Slash.

What’s better than queens and sequins? Queens and glamor on a public channel! The first episode of Drag the Tour de France It was broadcast on France 2 on Saturday 25 June, allowing us to discover the 10 candidates who represent the crème de la crème for the French draw. The TV channel was then supposed to pass the torch to French broadcasting platform. slash, but encouraged by an audience of 914,000 viewers, the entire season will continue to air there starting Saturday, July 2. It will happen in the second part of the evening, a little later Boyar Castle. Good news for the latecomers who missed out on the Thursday 8PM exclusive on Slash: No excuse not to enjoy the seven remaining episodes.

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During the first episode, the ten nominees wowed with a high-profile performance in front of Nikki Dole, the mistress of the festivities, and an exceptional jury made up of host Daphne Burke and Actress Kiddy Smile. The queens also paid tribute to a very special couture guest: Jean Paul Gaultier. Watch out spoiler, go your way poor innocents: it’s the great La Kahina who left the adventure at the end of the first episode, despite the wonderful interpretation of Josiane Balasco’s appearance in the film Arlette Embellished with an Amazigh touch. A culture she highlighted while addressing topics as personal as necessary as mental health, and explaining how for her the clouds are a kind of lifeline.

drag raceProgram for all

“It is important today, in this ever-changing world, to be able to speak to all our audiences, relying on the integration of linear antennas and our platform”Alexandra Red Amell, Director of Entertainment and Games at France Télévisions, said in a statement: 20 minutesdevelopment: “It is a long-standing commitment by France Télévisions in favor of diversity, inclusion and tolerance. It is a great honor to present this program and to promote and discover this art among the general public.”

France thus becomes, after the United Kingdom, the second country to benefit from the broadcast of this program on a public channel. Most of the show’s other adaptations—Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand—were broadcast-only available. According to the data available to Alexandra Redde-Amiel, “All the fans gathered around the show” last Saturday. “We have scored very encouraging and interesting goals for the future, for example 10.3% for children aged 25-29”rejoice. Singing, Creativity, Dancing, Inclusion, Humor and Charity: drag race It is already a program for everyone.

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Image credit: Drag Race France / France TV

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