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Finally, Parks & Recreation is featured on Netflix Canada and we’re down

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Good news for those who find life boring these days, Gardens and recreation Available on Netflix Canada since this morning!

So it’s now possible to watch the seven seasons of the cult series starring Amy Boyler and Nick Offerman on Netflix. For our southern neighbors, you must subscribe to NBC’s Peacock TV.

US Netflix members also recently lost out the deskThat shied away from the side of the peacock, but the series is still available to Canadian viewers.

“I am really happy that it will allow a lot of people to discover this amazing series, which unfortunately is not badly known here in Canada. the desk ” Raphaël de Pèse sur Start, a huge fan of Parks and Rick. “I would like to play Dunshire Cones. Ben is the best.”

Serial Gardens and recreation It was created by Greg Daniels and Michael Schur, who also worked on the desk. It also borrows the “Mockumentary” style for which it is best known the deskBut this time, the weirdos are more than government employees.

“What a great way to start February,” said Kazzie of Weighs on Start. “It’s already over the desk For the seventeenth time then Parks and Rick Come at the right time. We need to laugh these days! “

The first season was not a hit with critics, but the series quickly improved as it moved away from the season that inspired it. Initially, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, was a bit incompetent as Michael Scott (Steve Carell) in the desk. But there have been some adjustments to his role, and it is rather his great skill that is celebrated throughout the series.

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“The reunion with Ron, Leslie and April would be like a pill of pure happiness for me!” It might also remind me how much I miss my office mates … ”said Lemos of Pèse sur Start when I heard the news.

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