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First gameplay pictures to replay

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We heard from Saints Row at Gamescom last August. The rival franchise of GTA is back with the reboot of Saints Row: Self Made that promises to be less crazy, which we can see the first sequence of gameplay.

[Mis à jour le 12 octobre 2021 à 10h54] Saints Row’s return was the biggest announcement of Gamescom 2021. Then most European video game software surprised us when Deep Silver announced its intention to revive the Saints Row license in reboot by 2022. Two months later the German publisher is talking about it again by awarding it to our colleagues Gameformer Nearly two minutes of gameplay sequences from this futuristic version. While driving and walking around town, let’s take a look at the first photos of Saints Row: Self Made.

There are several things to note before jumping into an analysis of these early Saints Row game sequences. First of all, this is a preliminary version of the game, which means that a lot of things that can be seen in this little game demo are likely to change upon release. The second is that it is more of a demo of Santo Eliso’s universe than it is of an actual game show. Aside from the chain of command, there isn’t much to eat. On the contrary, we’re still taking a full look. The world of this reboot seems rich, massive, and colorful, and nothing comes naturally to a Saints Row license. The graphics are really cool and the driving looks very fun. We expect more news from this upcoming installment, by its release on February 25, 2022.

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So this new opus will be a complete reboot of the franchise. New enemies, new characters, and a new scenario, this trailer seems to offer us a slightly more dangerous gameplay than the previous episodes. Smooth graphics in a style halfway between animation and realism, Saints Row seems to be trying to get a little closer to GTA, by offering a scenario that is less insane than its predecessors.

The strange world of Saints Row is a thing of the past, and we don’t really know if we should be happy or not, even if it’s true that Saints Row 4 was awkward at times. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that the result of such a decision will end in the creation of a nice game, which will be just a shadow of GTA. But we must keep hope! Confirmed by Team Volition and Deep Silver, this reboot will return to the roots of the franchises, to the stories of criminals seeking redemption, to gang wars, in the unforgiving world of Santo Eliso. A scenario that has something to dream about (a little more than the characters in this trailer that look straight out of The Sims or a free-to-play Ubisoft game). A reboot is scheduled for 2022 which could become the game of the year as much as it goes unnoticed.

Saints Row “self-made” already has a release date and we’re very excited about it. from planned to February 25 2022 It will be released on both last-generation and “next-generation” consoles. We will find it on Playstation 4 and PlayStation 5, on Xbox One and Xbox Series, and on PC through the Epic Games Store. A must-see output, especially as Volition and Deep Silver said it would be: “the biggest and best stadium ever created”. We intersect.

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