First Nations Assembly Elections: Election of Roseanne Archibald

After the fifth round of elections, Roseanne Archibald, of the First Taikawa Tagamo people of Ontario, was elected president of the Assembly of First Nations.

She became the first elected woman leader inAPN.

Reginald Bellrose conceded the win after the fifth round, with Mrs. Archibald receiving more votes than him, without the number of support needed to win.

Mrs. Archibald received 50.5% of the vote against her opponent’s 35.5% in the fifth round.

Fourth round results:

  • Roseanne Archibald: 206 votes (50.7%)

  • Reginald Bellrose: 129 votes (43.3%)

Candidate Alvin Fedler withdrew during the third round, opting to line up behind Roseanne Archibald.

After much thought and consultation with my family and seniors, I decided to support RoseAnne ArchibaldMr. Fiedler wrote on Twitter.

You have to realize how important it is for a woman to lead you in the current circumstances.

Quote from:Alvin Fiedler

Alvin Fiedler (Muskrat Dam) and Rose Ann Archibald (Taikoa Tagamo) are members of the First Nation of Northern Ontario.

Mr. Fiedler is the former president of the Nation of Nishnaubi Aski, while Ms. Archibald was the provincial president of Ontario inAPN before the elections. She was replaced by Glenn Hare in this position in June.

Third round results:

  • Reginald Bellrose: 144 votes (40.3%)

  • Roseanne Archibald: 129 votes (36.1%)

  • Alvin Fedler: 64 votes (17.9%)

  • Judy Kallahu-Stonehouse: 20 votes (5,6%)

Reginald Bellrose has been president of Muskowekwan First Nation in Saskatchewan since 2005.

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