Five friends unite for the sea and for science aboard the sailing ship Bernick in E

They are five childhood friends traveling the North Atlantic aboard a sailboat called the Bernik. Five young people share a passion for exploring and preserving the environment. They are currently on layover in Miquelon.

Scientific sailing voyages, here is the challenge of these five friends from the south of France: Thibaut, Gautier, Pierre Alexandre, Timano and Victor.

Bernick of the Nerrivik mission in a stop at Miquelon

Aboard the Bernic, 5 childhood friends set themselves the challenge of traveling across oceans to collect data for scientists.

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Aboard their sailboat, the Bernic, the five young men will make the long journey from Toulon to Greenland through Cape Verde, the West Indies, the United States, Canada, and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

Bernick of the Nerrivik mission in a stop at Miquelon

Bernick of the Nerrivik mission in a stop at Miquelon

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For 6 months, they travel the seas and oceans. They left last October to carry out missions related to ocean protection. They’ve been off at Miquelon for 15 days.

Since childhood we hear about Saint-Pierre and Miquelon and it seems to us that the other side of the world is a little lost. Now that we’re there, it’s so legendary, it’s so good, it’s fantastic.

Gauthier, skipper Bernic

These five friends, ages 25 to 27, are former Marine Scouts, and they are all passionate about nature. So they decided to sail together to collect data for scientists.

We are interested in data related to the marine environment, especially plastic pollution. We also take plankton samples and then have a probe on board that allows us to take measurements every 15 minutes of temperature, salinity and water pressure which are then used to study the currents.

Pierre Alexandre, skipper Bernic

Karim Baaleh’s report.

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