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Five million to protect the sunset cap road

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Quebec and the municipality have reached an agreement on protection work for this section of Route 199. All that remains is to know the amount and conditions.

The surprise is that Quebec will pay the entire bill for the protection work at the Chemin du Gros-Cap.

Minister Guilbault explains that since the work will be funded under the Disaster Prevention Framework (CPS), the municipality of Ile de la Madeleine will not have to pay anything.

Quebec appreciates that the municipality of the islands has already paid its contribution to combating erosion because it has already used this same program to fund recharging work on La Grave Historic Site Beach and Cap-au Cliff Beach. – mules.

Then the municipality’s share was set at 2.5 million for these two locations and Quebec’s share at 11.9 million. Ottawa also contributed.

protracted struggle

The needs are great in the Magdalene Islands, we go there in order of priority, according to the most important. There are other sectors that must be protected in the medium and long term, Minister Guilbeault commented, who said she was fully aware of the effects of erosion on the Magdalen Islands.

It is a battle we intend to wage with the municipality, which I emphasize its proactive activity in this regard. »

Quote from Genevieve Gilbolt, Minister Responsible for Public Security.

On the islands, the coastal path is impassable in several places due to coastal erosion (archives).

Photo: Radio Canada/Isabelle Larousse

The Chemin du Gros-Cap is an important highway because it is the only access road to thirty residences and sewage treatment facilities.

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$5 million will be allocated to protect these buildings and municipal infrastructure, which have an estimated total value of $6.3 million.

The work will also affect part of the roads and the 900-meter water and sewage line.

The project will run until 2025.

With information from Isabel Larousse

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