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Florida Collapse: A resident heard disturbing noises the day before the tragedy

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A resident of the building that collapsed Thursday morning in Florida had heard disturbing noises the day before the tragedy.

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Her son, Pablo Rodriguez, said in an interview with CNN that the woman, missing since the collapse of the 12-story building complex in Surfside Florida, heard sounds that would have ringed her ears the day before the tragedy.

He still doesn’t know anything about her and her grandmother who used to live in the same place.

Authorities confirmed that at least 35 people were pulled out of the rubble in the first few hours, but 159 people are still missing. Rodriguez said little information will be passed on to the families.

We try to keep hope, but after watching the collapse video, it became more difficult, because they were in that section that collapsed, and then the other building fell on it. “It’s hard to watch,” the man explained.

The day before the building complex collapsed, Mr. Rodriguez’s mother woke up in the middle of the night to strange sounds, the man told US news channel CNN.

“She told me she woke up about 3-4 in the morning and heard crackling noises. Just like crackles, loud enough to wake her up, but that was. I thought it was nothing. She didn’t sleep well. She told me like that, she told me the noise woke her and she was unable to go back to sleep Then. Then, in hindsight, I wonder,” Mr. Rodriguez explained.

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The man admitted that he was caught up in a whirlwind of emotion, some denial.

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