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Olympic dreams and team Canada podium | Olympic Games

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However, the Canadian Olympic Committee has supported the 28-year-old karateka, who is awaiting permanent residency, in his efforts to join the Refugee Olympic Team. The International Olympic Committee finally chose him.

The Olympics is the biggest competition for all athletes, especially in Karate because we’ve never seen it before. We are happy to be part of the first groupDirav Schorr, the 2018 World Championships bronze medalist in the 67kg category said.

He began practicing karate at the age of seven in Iran, like many other young men.

Karate in my country is one of the most popular sports. In the last worlds, Iran took first place. We have a lot of talented karate and that’s why my parents agreed for me to start this sport.

Trained by his wife

Although the Karate craze is great, Iran no longer allows Derafshipour to develop as he wanted as an athlete. In fact, Islamic law did not allow him to be trained by his wife, Samira Malikpour, as he pleased. Diravshur’s wife is the same as a former high-ranking Karateka and was the coach of the Iranian women’s team.

In Iran, men and women have different trainers. It’s a rule and we respect itDerafshipour said.

That used to be impossible in my country, but by choosing to represent the IOC flag, we can now. we are happy. I think my wife can understand me better than any coach. We worked together for 4-5 years, we had a dojo in Iran … You will be with me at the Olympics.

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Derafshipour now attends Dogesin in Ontario, including the Driftwood Martial Arts, near Kitchener, where he does training. Like all athletes, the pandemic has complicated things for him over the past year and a half. However, he had the advantage that he could count on his wife.

While training in Canada, due to the pandemic, Samira worked two jobs: to be my coach and my training partner. I trained with her all year long. It was a bit difficult for her… but we have the same goal, said Karateka, who is currently completing his preparations in Istanbul before traveling to the Olympics.

big goals

Despite all the circumstances surrounding his Olympic participation, Diravchipur will not travel to Japan as a tourist.

We are not going to Tokyo just to compete, but to win a medal, the former member of the Top 10 World Players list said. In karate, only 82 of us are going to the games. In my category, we’re only 11. Best of all goes and I’m very happy to be among them. But I’m only thinking about getting my results in the Olympics. It is important to us.

Even if he would definitely feel some pain in his heart when he sees the Canadian delegation procession, it will only be delayed for him.

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Now Canada is our home. We work there, we live there, it’s our country. It saddens me a little that my country is not represented in the games, but I don’t want to think about it. Because if I think about it, it might just take me off my target. Hopefully we will be able to become citizens after the Games. My goal is to participate in the Pan American Games in 2023 with Canada.

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