For the first time in Israel: She was infected with monkeypox

Last Thursday, the World Health Organization said it had seen a 21% decrease in new cases

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health announced that a woman had been diagnosed with monkeypox for the first time in Israel.

It is believed that she contracted the infection after coming into close contact with a person suspected of having the disease.

So far, all those infected in Israel have been men. The Ministry of Health also reported that so far 233 people have been confirmed infected and about 2,700 have been vaccinated against smallpox.

Last month, Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz called the CEO of the Danish pharmaceutical company Bavarian Nordic, which produces the vaccine, to request new doses.

In response, the company announced that Israel would receive an additional 8,000 monkeypox vaccines.

The ministry reminds that people who show symptoms or who have been in close contact with an infected person should contact their doctor and get tested.

Monkeypox tests are available in hospitals.

Last Thursday, the World Health Organization said it had observed a 21% drop in new cases of monkeypox virus recorded last week around the world, as the epidemic began to slow in Europe.

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