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Gamescom 2022 in five notable discoveries

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Some of the games have been announced for the first time while more details have been revealed for those that have already been announced.

Dune: Awakening : a new addition to the world of Frank Herbert

This new survival simulation developed by Funcom will allow players to immerse themselves in a world dunes And survive with the multiple dangers of this universe.

The game, whose visuals seem to be heavily inspired by the 2021 movie, will be an online multiplayer experience and will offer an open world.

However, the launch date has not been revealed.

Black magic is in Hogwarts Legacy

Also in the Open World Games section is a new game trailer Hogwarts Legacywhich takes place in the world of Harry Potter, is revealed.

This person exposes the dangers of black magic, which Sebastian Salo of the House of Slytherin has mastered. This is one of the characters that players will be able to ally themselves with when the game is released on February 10, 2023.

Trailer for villains Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights It also unveiled a new trailer that highlights the dark side of being.

It will be Harley Quinn, Clayface, and Mr. Freeze and the Court of Owls are among the villains that players will have to face while taking on the role of Batman’s companions.

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Developed by the Montreal subsidiary of WB Games, Gotham Knights It will finally be released on October 21. This is four days before the previously announced date.

release date vocal boundaries has been shown

The character of Sonic is used to be desirable. After the release of the first title of the adapted movie was delayed, the new game starring the famous blue hedgehog has undergone the same treatment in order to allow its developers to improve the content.

vocal boundaries It was originally scheduled to launch in 2021, but will instead be available on November 8, as revealed in a new trailer showing some story elements for the new game.

PlayStation innovates with a new console

Although it’s the ads about video games themselves that catch the eye at gamescom, PlayStation has made headlines for its new console for the PS5, which offers many new possibilities.

With options like a custom controls profile and buttons on the back of the controller, the Dualsense Edge is PlayStation’s answer to the Xbox Elite Series.

However, the PlayStation console offers a new option, which is to replace the stick units entirely in order to solve their deterioration over time.

This option should therefore enable the life of the consoles to be extended by preventing users from having to purchase a new console when their consoles are no longer usable.

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