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His performance in the showdown was a problem in Chicago

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The Montreal Canadiens’ acquisition of Kirby Dach during the draft surprised everyone.

We expected to see Kent Hughes do one or more transactions, but not this one.

We learned a couple of days ago in a behind-the-scenes video of the Montreal Canadiens draft Kent Hughes worked hard to get Dach.

In fact, it doesn’t take five minutes to get a previous third overall pick.

Nor is it every day that you see a player drafted as high as the top 3 traded like that.

So what were the reasons for the Chicago Blackhawks to trade with Kirby Dash?

With a full rebuild, the Falcons could keep Dach, considering he’s only 21 years old.

However, it’s not just a rebuild that the Blackhawks are currently doing, but also a complete roster reset.

The fact remains that so far, Dach has been somewhat disappointing in terms of production.

Additionally, while appearing on TSN 690, Marco D’Amico reported on Scottie Bowman’s comments. The latter said that Dach’s performance on the showdown circuit was a problem in Chicago.

In fact, the quarterback’s effectiveness in showdowns bothered Chicago. It was an element that we found troubling and completely unfamiliar to the midfielder.

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It happens from time to time that the midfielder has some difficulties in confrontations, but not as much as Dach’s.

In fact, 34.6% efficiency in the professional showdown circuit after 152 NHL games is very low.

So it’s an element that the Hawks didn’t appreciate in the Dach game, and thus it’s one of the reasons they gave up on Dach.

Hughes will jump at the chance, but it remains to be seen for now what CH’s plans are regarding Dach.

It will be interesting to see if the showdown performance of the new CH position improves.

If not, will it be placed on the wing?


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