For women to gain knowledge

Catalin Cariko: Does this name mean anything to you? We owe this Hungarian biochemist the mRNA vaccines used against Covid-19. But who knows? Our societies have never ceased to deny the contribution of women to great discoveries. For example, astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell discovered the first pulsar (a stellar source of magnetic radiation), but it was her thesis supervisor, Anthony Hewish, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for it! Even today, women struggle to find their way into the world of science. Only 28% of engineering students are students (according to the latest data from the Inequality Monitor). This number is even more alarming at a time when science, through artificial intelligence and algorithms, is increasingly ruling our daily lives… according to male issues and needs.

Encourage the girls to get started

The world of tomorrow can no longer take shape without women, it’s time to act! There are many opportunities, there are many places: engineering, biochemistry, physics, mathematics … many exciting fields, in which there is a great demand for women – more and more studies show that diversity improves business outcomes – and necessary for science to help in promoting gender equality. To encourage young girls to pursue careers in these fields and to highlight those who are already doing so, the L’Oréal Foundation and UNESCO launched the International Rising Talents Initiative in 2000.

The principle is simple: an international selection committee rewards fifteen promising young scientists, from among the more than two hundred and fifty young talents in the programme. L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science. In addition to financial support and international recognition, winners receive leadership training, which is key to equality. This year ELLE has chosen to partner with L’Oréal by presenting articles, tutorials, videos and meetings on the topic of women in science* … positive messages to combat gender discrimination in these areas and to support those who wish to pursue a career there. Do we begin?

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* It can be found on and in your magazine.

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