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Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator will soon present an electric version

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While that stronghold It just revealed the electric version of its F-150 Lightning pickup truck. We learned that the manufacturer is increasing its investment in electricity and that many new vehicles including Ford Explorer And the Lincoln Navigator, Will soon be sold in an all-electric version.

To do this, stronghold Its investment will increase from $ 8 to $ 30 billion by 2025, enabling it to supply 40% of its fleet with electricity by 2030. Ford Mustang Mach-E, The F-150 Lightning And the E-Transit Electric Rickshaw It will soon join new models, also based on the rear-wheel drive platform developed by Ford.

Ford executives say this new platform will be used to offer a vehicle lineup that includes other pickup trucks, commercial vehicles, off-road vehicles and three-row seats.

During a speech, Hau Thai-Tang, Ford’s head of product and operations, confirmed for the first time the arrival of an electric version of the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator. He also mentioned the upcoming arrival of a mid-size electric pickup truck, and possibly a Ranger, as well as a more powerful, off-road SUV.

We can also see a diagram of what this SUV could look like, it reminds us of the Ford Bronco’s features. When asked about the subject, Ford executives refused to confirm whether it was really an electric version of the Bronco. We know Ford wants to electrify all of its flagship cars, so it would be logical for the manufacturer to consider this possibility.

Ford executives have not disclosed information about the year the Explorer and Lincoln Aviator were launched, but there is reason to believe that both models could be available by 2025. Moreover, both vehicles could be developed simultaneously because they share the same Primary law.

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It should be noted that Lincoln wanted to develop an electric car using a platform from the manufacturer Rivian, but the project has since been abandoned.

Besides its new vehicles, Ford continues to develop battery technology. It is particularly focusing its efforts on producing solid electrolyte batteries. The manufacturer has also found a new name for the latest developments in cells, IonBoost, referring to EcoBoost and PowerBoost engines.

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