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Yet he reiterated that Ontario should be cautious in loosening public health measures.

County public health experts note that camping, basketball, tennis, singing and playing outdoors are all good examples of safer outdoor activities.

They insisted that outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities and “should be encouraged.”


Their modernization specialists said that although the reopening of schools will lead to an increase in the number of cases, “it can be controlled”.

However, Premier Doug Ford has indicated that some of the experts advising him disagree with the reopening of schools, others do – including Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams.

Doug Ford has indicated that he needs consensus of experts before announcing the reopening of the classes.

According to the COVID-19 forecast, experts expect 1,000 daily cases by the end of June if Ontario allows partial reopening from June 2, and 500 daily cases by the end of June if reopening is allowed from June 16.

If schools are allowed to open from June 2, experts expect an increase in daily cases from 6 to 11%.

Color code stops

The Ford government abandoned the color coding system, and thus preferred to reopen “by sector”, not “by region”.

Scientists support this strategy, believing it will prevent people from tightly controlled areas from moving to areas with fewer numbers.

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