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Hamad Saeed Raghash – Uncover the Emirati man who’s a Walking Encyclopedia of UAE Heritage

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United Arab Emirates is undeniably one of the most fast-growing nations in the world, the transformation this land had witnessed is unbelievable. We have seen revolution in transportation, tourism, business, technology along various and diverse sectors.

This giant boom had attracted people from all around the world, that are aiming to travel to this wonderland destination, including Dubai: one of the most targeted cities for tourism and job opportunities in the world leading the UAE, to be one of the most cultural incubators in the world, with greater than 200 nationalities living on its land.

Many great things have changed about this country but few things have remained such as culture, tradition and heritage. Undoubtedly these three main concepts plays a major role in shaping the values and beliefs of the societies and their change, can lead the nation to lose its identity.

That is why we have the likes of Hamad Saeed Raghash: A name that needs no introduction not only in the UAE but the entire arabian gulf region, the great of man UAE is a local heritage researcher, that took it as his responsibility to spread awareness of UAE heritage from the good old days, whether it showcasing the ancestors means of livings or presenting antiques.

The outstanding man is helping people to live a developed yet a preserved life with the encyclopedia of the past he is showcasing to the world.

His love for UAE heritage and Arabian identity made him passionate about several endeavors such as camel racing, in which he became an expert in this unique sport.

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Having an in-depth knowledge about camels’ types and their properties, in addition to the athletes that operates the camels have led him to create a colossal contribution, going to the extent of being a respectable analyst with many years of experience under his belt, making his country proud as a Heritage researcher, camel racing expert and sports analyst. No wonder he is one the most known and most iconic figures of the United Arab Emirates.

Born in 1977 he has more to offer to his beloved country as till this day he is relentlessly and continuously sharing the “good old days” of the UAE to the world.

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