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Former Adam Brooks coach would love to see him play with Mike Hoffman

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Even if many of the Canadian’s supporters hoped to see Alex Barry-Boulet land in town today via the concession route (the Seattle Kraken however claimed that position), there is still a center joining CH today in the name of Adam Brooks, who formerly played for Maple. Leafs.

Without necessarily being a leading striker, Brooks is a center who can develop on the last two lines and has a dog. He plays intensely and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. I think he will quickly become a fan favorite, especially since he was “stolen” from the Maple Leafs.

As Brooks arrives in town, Anthony Martineau hasexcellent The idea of ​​calling one of my favorite hockey heads: Jack Hahn. The latter managed Brooks while with the Toronto Marlies (school club leaves), and according to Hahn, there is a fitting player developing to the left of his former protégé: Mike Hoffman.

Han doesn’t hide it: He really enjoys what Brooks can bring to the team. He describes him as a “real hockey student” who is always striving to get better.

It also indicates that he is not just a simple defensive player: his offensive strengths can be subtracted as he benefits from a fresh start in Montreal. He sees him as a guy who can score around 30 points, and if he makes his way into the power game (which Han thinks is possible) it could be a bit more.

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Now, what makes him love match With Hoffman specifically, is that Brooks is a good skater who feels comfortable with the disc on his stick. These two traits, however, aren’t really part of a renegade’s toolbox, so Han sees the potential for a perfect complement.

But if Brooks develops with Hoffman, that means he will be the center of the third line, a position that Jake Evans is likely to occupy until further notice. However, according to Hahn, the possibility of seeing Brooks outperform Evans in the hierarchy of Habs positions does exist:

It will be an interesting fight. Brooks has better vision and offensive strengths than Evans, but Evans is better at recovering and defensively. – Jack Han

In short, according to Han, we can expect a good duel for the third place position. Duel Evans was initially supposed to have a conflict with Ryan Boehling, but Brooks’ arrival could hurt the latter. Poehling could use more time in the AHL (which is absolutely true), and Brooks is coming in to offer that potential to the Canadiens.

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