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Shane Wright acknowledges that the epidemic affected its development

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Since the Canadians won the NHL lottery nearly a month ago, Shane Wright’s name has been spreading widely in Montreal. After all, the young man has been chosen to be the first choice for a long time and has the potential to become a center top 6 High quality in the NHL.

However, some of his critics have been very vocal over the past few weeks, saying that Wright is not necessarily unanimous and casting doubts about his candidacy as CH’s first choice.

What often comes up when you hear criticism of Wright is that a lost year of his development in 2020-21 (there was no season in OHL due to COVID-19) could have slowed his development dramatically.

And Wright does not hide it: It is true that the epidemic had an impact on this pandemic. That’s what he admitted to Anthony Martino, who has been doing an excellent job over the past few days as he talks to the prospects at the NHL Combine.

After all, it makes sense: at the age of 16-17, we are talking about very sensitive years in the development of a young hockey player. Obviously not being able to play organized hockey for an entire season will have repercussions.

However, Wright was careful to set the record straight about criticism for her lack of sharpness. He claims to be a “brain and methodical” guy, which means he doesn’t catch fire with every stroke of his sleds.

Basically, I agree with him on that. When you think of positions that excel in both directions on the ice (like Wright), they aren’t necessarily players who constantly have the pedal. They are able to discern when they need to make more, but when it comes to size, they excel in setting, allowing them to make up.

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On the other hand, it’s true that Wright may need to do more when he’s on the ice. Without being Brendan Gallagher, he shouldn’t fall for apathy either. In beginners, you can get away with a little, but in professionals, it does not pass.

I have seen , Who like to play with guys like Gallagher and Cole Caufieldhe also had a little message for CH supporters:

It has the advantage of being clear.

Will Wright have a chance to win championships in Montreal? Let’s start by seeing if it will be CH’s pick on July 7th and we’ll look at the rest after that.

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– I can’t wait to see her tomorrow night.

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