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Fortnite teases the upcoming Disney crossover

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To keep players happy, Epic Games continues to add new content to its main game. And the next collaboration may come from a license from The Wonderful World of Disney …

The different universes regularly integrate with Battle Royal Debick GamesUnder the form Events or skins. The future character who will officially join Fortnite will also be a very fast-paced DC Comics hero. but this Teaser, posted on the official Fortnite Twitter websiteWhich raises questions today. Actually, After the Terminator and the Predator, It looks like it again An 80’s science fiction movie that inspired developers. However, the latter has a peculiarity of being Currently licensed by Disney. Do you see who we are talking about? We let you try to guess by searching for yourself The short video that was shared in this tweet.

So an idea? Several clues indicate that it will be Tron world! A rather strange choice, since then The first movie dates back to 1982, That’s him Sequel, by DisneyIt was released more than 10 years ago. Indeed, in this teaser, the character of Sam is found You are facing a very old computer. After several operations, he sees the message “Take your time” : An iconic phrase from the original movie. The machine ends up wiping, Then poor Sam sucks. The description accompanies the tweet as well “They are fighting for the users”Another reference. Additionally, players recently discovered the Battle Royal map Gateway to a virtual world that resembles the world of Tron. While waiting for confirmation from Epic Games, We invite you to watch both movies to put you in a good mood! Otherwise, we remind you of that Fortnite is currently in the midst of celebrating Valentine’s Day. So, if you want to please your other half, know this Eneba offers promotions on Fortnite V-bucks.

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Credits: Official Fortnite Twitter

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