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Fourques: Two trained bullfighters save a young girl from drowning in the Petit Rhone River

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‌The saving gesture “Estar al Quit” is one of the first things we teach students at bullfighting school. “This means always being ready to intervene when an unexpected event occurs to ward off the danger that threatens inside the arenas. Arles Bullfighting School. On Tuesday 11 June, two students from the bullfighting school in Arles bravely put this motto into practice in their daily lives. The harvest of Awash, whose bullfighter’s name is Juan de Morena, and Licio Streparana, known as “Lizares” in the bullring, saw a young girl jump from the top of the Forques Bridge and did not hesitate to throw themselves into the swirling waters. The little rune to help him.

“I saw her jumping and was carried by the current, so I threw myself into the water.”

Licio, 16 years old.

Lisieux, 16, was riding a motorcycle on the bridge that spans the Petit Rhone River in Fork when he saw a little girl climbing over the railing to jump into the water. “I saw the girl hesitating, so I said to her:”No, don’t do that, no! His friends, if they could be called friends, encouraged him to do so with their insistence“, says the young man. With the strong current and the vortex, Lisieux tried to bend it, but nothing worked.”I saw her jump and the current carried her away immediately. So I threw myself into the water, just like Hasad did, and we both cooperated and got her out of there…“, declares the trainee matador.

Hassad, 27 years old, was returning to his home in Forkes on a motorcycle when people stopped him. “Someone told me: There is a girl drowning. I did not hesitate for a moment and jumped off the bridge to help him at the same time as Lisieux crossed the dam.“, details the young hero. When the little girl, who had drunk a few cups, was brought back to the bank, her eyes began to roll back. After she came to her senses, and was comforted by the rescuers, the little girl did not want to. She waited for the firefighters and disappeared into thin air.

For Lisieux, this was a stupid gamble that could have ended in tragedy. They dive in and take turns to rescue the little girl, who is now safe and sound. “At school we are proud of them“, wrote the bullfighting school in Arles on its Facebook account. Today’s heroes, Hassad Awash and Licio Streparana, two students from the bullfighting school in Baie d’Arles, say without hesitation that they are ready to start over if they find themselves facing the same situation and believe that what What they did was completely normal.

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