Fourth game | Porky and Smith Bailey to save the rocket

Gabriel Bourque and Devante Smith-Pelly will return to the Rocket List Friday night at Place Bell.

Posted at 11:17 AM

Richard Lab

Richard Lab

That was decided by Jean-Francois Houle, who thinks his club was shaken a bit in the previous game of the series Wednesday night, the third, against the Springfield Thunderbirds.

The Rockets coach explained Friday morning: “They have a physically strong and heavy squad. For us, it’s important to make adjustments and also increase the weight a little bit in our training. Smith-Billy played well in the playoffs when he was called up, and in Burke’s case we lost energy on Wednesday night. It’s good To have two veterans like them in training.”

The decision means youngster Joshua Roy, who played his first professional match on Wednesday, is ruled out.

Bourke returned from injury, but Smith-Billy, who was selected in the second round for the Anaheim Ducks in the 2010 draft, was recently disqualified. On Friday night, he will play only his fourth match since the start of the current series in the American League.

“Thunderbirds have a strong team,” he said. But we can also play this way. You just have to make sure that you find the right balance; We want to play hard, but we also want to avoid punishment. »

Tonight’s match at Place Bell will be the fourth in the series. The Thunderbirds are ahead of Rocket, 2 vs. 1 game.

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