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Francophone immigration “fair and non-discriminatory” .. Really?

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Jenny Kwan.

“It remains a mystery that requests from certain regions of the world are treated on the basis of differences,” said Jenny Kwan, a New Democratic Party MP and committee member. “The government has to stick to the standards, for example, to say it processes applications within 12 months, fairly around the world.”

“Witnesses also told our committee that the differential treatment affecting French-speaking African students extends to other categories of French-speaking African immigrants,” the deputy asserted.

lack of transparency

His fellow Quebecwa bloc and vice-chairman of the commission, Alexis Brunel Dusip, is critical of Trudeau’s government. “There is a glaring lack of transparency and somewhat extreme ambiguity even within the immigration Canada bureaucracy.”

Alexis Brunel Ducep
Alexis Brunel Ducep.

“In this report, we recommend the establishment of an ombudsman office to oversee the department’s immigration activities and policies.”

He adds, “I think these people are going through a lot because they are not from the right part of the world. The government [de Justin Trudeau] Human rights advocates, anti-racism, etc. But it does the opposite. Discriminates against people based on where they come from. I tell these immigrants not to give up.”

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