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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Even Pope Francis knows that a bright summer does not pass without a stay, however short, in the charming and warm city of Quebec. a Should will say the president of Air Canada. And this year, there is more than usual because there are also mosaic cultures installed until October 10 in the Bois-de-Coulonge park and that, you have to see.

Do you like to be impressed? Do you like to puff out your chest in front of the genius and know-how of Quebec? You will have a lot of them.

Know right away that our mosaic cultures are the largest, most ingenious, and hypothetical in the world. Two hundred works in 20 painted panels, coherent, with six million living plants. You read correctly. Under the supervision of M.I Liz Cormier, more than a hundred people have worked in greenhouses and on site to assemble and create these giant pieces that illustrate stunning scenes, animals, and humans that will make your eyes widen.

Items that amaze young and old alike. True masterpieces we stop before, meditate and go on saying to ourselves: “It can’t be.” Yes, it can and that is also normal.

You will thank me

It’s outdoors, of course, not too expensive, and you and your visitor will remember this visit for life.

Mosaïcultures du Québec, a non-profit, is recognized worldwide, and it is not uncommon to meet people from all over the world, experts in the field, who come to admire the extraordinary work of this team which, in addition, is supported by about 500 volunteers. Les Mosacultures is a love story that lasted 22 years.

If he knew, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pope Francis dives, between two pardons, into the Bois-de-Coulonge garden. Divine simplicity and beauty, O Holiness!

To you too

  • scoop. I learned through the branches that there will be no state funeral for my mother.
  • Pierre Marcotte said that the woman he was with the longest was Helen … Helen de Champlain.
  • Unclaimed, Eric Douhmy remained in the Conservative Party.
  • If only closed minds could do the same with their mouths.
  • In ancient times at the Athena Games, the man who hit his finger was the one who invented the hammer throw.
  • People cut down trees to make paper on which to write that trees should not be cut down.
  • Tattooed design on your body.
  • It’s fermenting with us. The answering machine got into a fight with the seat.

See you tomorrow in sports…

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