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Free Entry: Inner Pleasures with Pierre Lapointe and Jesse McCormack

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Tony Vaughn
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single by Jesse McCormack

Jesse Mac Cormack’s solo album is out April 8.

Photo: Secret City Chronicles

Singer-songwriter Jesse McCormack is back with a second album, titled single. By his own admission, three key ingredients were used to concoct these 10 new, electric-flavored pieces: time, distance, and treatment. At 32, the multi-instrumentalist deals with the failure of love as well as denial and renewal. If you liked the singles by James Blake, Caribou or Thom Yorke, listen up.

Jean Francois Blanchett

to thwart boredom by Pierre Lapointe

Pierre Lapointe.

Pierre Lapointe

Photo: Radio Canada / Mathieu Lavoie

In the fall of 2019, Pierre Lapointe revealed a beautiful album titled to thwart boredom. The twelve songs full of humanity that make up this composition produced by Albin de la Simone, are at the heart of the show that Pierre La Pointe will perform on Friday, April 8, at the Grand Théâtre. The lucky ones who will be in the room will be able to allow themselves to calm down with these beautiful, tender and sometimes somber songs.

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the movie magnetic

A scene from the movie shows two men in a recording studio.  The person on the left speaks into a microphone and has headphones around his neck.

“Lesmagnets” opens in Quebec on April 8, 2022.

Photo: K-Films America

Director Vincent Mile Cardona won the award magnetic Best First Film award at the last Cesar Gala in France. In the heart of the 80s, the film deals with youth, pirate radio and compulsory military service against the backdrop of a new wave. The soundtrack is packed with music from that era, including Joy Division and Iggy Pop.

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Magnetism, in cinemas from 8 April

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From Comedy series at Laval University

Communication games 2022 poster.

The 2022 Franco-Canadian Communication Games will be held on the campus of Laval University from April 6-9, 2022.

Photo: communication games

26And the The release of Communication Games is in full swing until Saturday on the Laval University campus. One of the main events of this event, the event cultural show, will be displayed in public places. Teams will be challenged to produce a comic episode, or Comedy seriesfor 15 minutes. After pre-selecting a fictional episode title and writing the script, participants will have to play the episode and catch it live, with no chance of iteration. Are they inspired by little lifeFrom friends or Seinfeld?

At the Théâtre de la Cité universitaire, Palasis-Prince Pavilion, Laval University, Friday 8 April 19 h
Tickets are available at selling point (A new window)

Jean Francois Blanchett

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