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Free update for online multiplayer game

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Super Mario Party for the Switch was a huge success for Nintendo, although we can easily forget its important place. It remains the 7th best-selling console game with around 14 million copies sold, clearly demonstrating the Switch owners’ interest in team play.

(Featured image: Credit Nintendo)

Super Mario Party for the Switch is a fun game that goes well with the Mario Party franchise, but unfortunately putting it online is still not desirable. This is perhaps the biggest drawback to a game that has good multiplayer ability anyway due to its gameplay. The situation appears to be in a hurry, with only some mini-games that can be played online with friends or with strangers, not game cards.

New features brought by the update

However, Nintendo confirmed on its Japanese website the arrival of a new free update for Super Mario Party which should greatly improve the online game mode. Here’s what the new update will achieve:

  • Three modes can be played online: Mario Party, Partner Party, and Free Play (mini-games). This will allow playing online game maps for the first time and all characters and maps will be available regardless of your progress in the game.
  • You will now be able to choose Friend Match (play with friends on your list) or the private game, where the chats are password protected. We seem to rule out random players for these modes, which makes sense.
  • Up to four players can play online at the same time. However, if there are the two of you already on the console, you will only be able to connect to another console. When playing alone, three more consoles can be connected to your game.
  • Support call friend function on console.
  • Free play mode will now allow you to play against. Or, take part in more than 70 mini-games.

Finally, the new update will greatly increase the number of mini-games playable online, but most importantly, it will allow Super Mario Party cards to be played online for the first time.

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