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An incredible image of perseverance illustrated by flying prowess!

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About ten days ago, Ingenuity was the first robotic and controlled vehicle to fly on a planet other than Earth. Since then he has already twice offended. It provides us with stunning pictures of the Martian surface. Today, in unprecedented views of perseverance, the NASA rover took the helicopter to the Red Planet.

April 19, then 22 and finally 25. The first trip History and two others have already enabled the engineers responsible for the project cleverness To investigate some of the important capabilities that would make it possible to envision, in the future, air missions to explore Mars. In particular, to check that the navigation system of the Martian helicopter is functioning well, even over a relatively long distance and at high speed.

This is DeterminationThe rover of NASA That carried creativity to the Red Planet, and that so far has provided us with perhaps the most amazing pictures of these Flight tests. After a few dozen meters from the runway of the helicopter take off and landing, he was able to photograph his exploits. And some have made amazing montages of these photos.

The first photos I took brilliantly

Today, these are the images of perseverance captured by the color camera of creativity that NASA engineers reveal to us.

Incredible photos of human technology exploring another world. They were taken whileHelicopter prowess It was about 5 meters – its maximum height – and it was about 85 meters from the rover, Sunday April 25, 2021.

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These images come after NASA published its first color image of the surface of Mars, taken by Ingenuity, a few days earlier. Photo taken during the flight on April 22nd, also about 5 meters high. Traces left on the ground by six wheels of Perseverance in the rover – parked at the top center of the image, outside the frame.

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