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“Friendly Street” Monument for Summer in Sherbrooke

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During this period, the speed limit for motorists will be reduced to 20 km / h. Residents will also be able to install furniture who moves fast On public roads, such as chairs and toys, as long as you leave a lane to allow emergency vehicles to move. Facilities must also be arranged between 9pm and 7am and before 5pm on waste collection days.

If the project goes well, it could expand to other areas of the city in the coming years, says council member and chair of the Public Safety Committee Danielle Berthold.

The concept of a shared street is included in the Highway Safety Act, but it only governs the sharing of a road between different modes of transportation in the course of travel. […] To avoid any legal confusion, the approach will focus on the development of friendly streets rather than the development of shared streets, it is more inclusive., she explained.

You should know that there are different ways to use a public highway other than vehicles, and this practice is framed by the Road Safety Act.

Quote from:Daniel Berthold, Chair of the Sherbrooke Public Security Committee

Project required since 2018

Ms Berthold notes that a group of London street citizens have been calling for such a project since 2018.

In addition to promoting the mobilization of citizens, It is also a promising strategy if we think specifically about the goal of reducing speed in neighborhoods and increasing the safety of citizens and young familiesCounsellor’s statement.

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A report will be produced at the end of the pilot in the fall and submitted to the Public Safety Committee. A consultation will then be organized during the winter season to develop a framework that will make it possible to frame future projects of the same type.

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