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From street worker to film producer

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Véronique Vigneault has an inspiring journey. It was her first feature film experience with the movie Niagarawhich will be released on September 16.

However, before she was a producer, Véronique Vigneault was a street worker. It’s an atypical course, but it does follow logic, she said. There is a how-to thread, explains the Sherbrooke resident. It is the idea of ​​changing the world.

I want to make films that lead people to ask themselves questions, to think. »

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Veronique Vinault

For her, art is a way to convey a message. She says that cinema, art, is a very powerful political tool. People love to hear what you have to say.

The product is not new to the big screen. She has already participated in the production of short films.

Deployment, the size of the difference, the speed, that’s what changes when you go from a short film to a feature film.For the Sherbrooke resident, this allows her to do a lot of learning.

When Véronique Vigneault was asked about her biggest dream, she said she had achieved it. It’s to keep making projects with the people I love. I have already achieved my goal, which is to continue like this.

But there are still others, and some are even more surprising: I a fan From the Christmas movies, I dream of making a Christmas movie. The happiness you find in these movies and lore.

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