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Monkeypox: 250 vaccines given and six confirmed cases in Saint-Brieuc – Saint-Brieuc

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How was the vaccination campaign organized in Saint-Brieuc?

In Saint-Brieuc, vaccination is carried out only at the Yves-Le Foll . Hospital It is provided by the Department of Infectious Diseases. The campaign started around July 20, first on a weekly basis, Within the limits of incoming stocks. At the beginning of August, other time periods were set, and from mid-August we moved on to daily half-day consultations. Over the past two weeks, retired GPs and nurses have joined us because the service staff can no longer guarantee to work alone.”

Is the pace particularly sustainable?

“Slots were full until last week but they have decreased significantly since then. It seems that the entire demand has been absorbed. In St Brieuc we have vaccinated about 250 people. And we are already seeing a decrease in the incidence of monkeypox nationally. Finally, the population is at risk. [hommes ayant des rapports avec des hommes surtout si multipartenaires, travailleurs du sexe, employés de lieux de consommation sexuelle, NDLR] He was vaccinated quickly despite the pressures of the summer.”

What is the vaccination schedule?

For people born before 1980 and already vaccinated against smallpox, a single dose is sufficient and acts as a booster. For others, two are needed. In order to respond to the epidemiological emergency, the choice was made to vaccinate everyone for the first time and wait for the vaccine – which is already very protective – to be widely distributed before the second injection is organized.”

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What do you do if you develop symptoms?

“For any doubt, you should contact 15 or the infectious diseases department of the hospital. The consultation will take place within 24 to 48 hours. At the current hour, 33 cases confirmed in BrittanySix in Saint-Brieuc.

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