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Fruitful ideas from the horticultural world Marthe Laverdière

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
"Total creator. Evil zombie fan. Food evangelist. Alcohol practitioner. Web aficionado. Passionate beer advocate."

She grows the land, sows it, removes weeds during the day, and posts on YouTube video tips for making her vegetable garden fruitful. And at night, she writes novels. Colorful Marthe Laverdière doesn’t sleep too much: too much intensity to spare! It offers the cultural favorites that marked her life.

Here she answers on the guest list.

Which song represents you?
Flowering lifeSung by Edith Piaf

What is your state of mind?
I am flexible.

What is the word that describes you?

What is your motto?
“Learn the value of time.”

What are you good at

What is your favorite word? Who would you like to block?
It’s beautiful, but …

What’s on your table?
A group of supplications

What is your first reading memory (the first book you remember reading)?

little Red Riding Hood

How do you read your emotional or romantic education?
love story, Deresh Segal

What reading made you change your mind, changed your view on a topic?

What compulsory reading was torture?
Sigmund Freud

Which book changed your life?
Happiness todayWritten by Françoise Judit Smit

Is reading comfortable?

Which book are you ashamed of not reading it?
The Deblois SistersBy Louise Tremblay December

What book, movie, play, or show made you laugh / cry the most?
Green lineFrank Darabont

What is an exaggerated masterpiece?
Romeo and Juliet

What is your latest artistic craze (book, movie, theater, album …)?
Old french songs

What is your favorite music album?
Jack Brill

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What book do you give as a gift?
Mine, ha! Ha!

Do you remember an extraordinary show, an unforgettable performance?
Dalida sings I’m sick.

What is the expression that anger you?
“It’s better the same.”

What is your favorite streak?
“Everything is running.”

What’s the best or worst thing you’ve been told?
” Does not change. “

Who is your hero or hero in real life?
My beautiful daughter, Mary Christine

Who do you want to send a note of apology to?
For myself

What to do if you only have 24 hours left to live?
I sit outside and breathe.

The biggest lesson life taught you?
never give up.

In conclusion, a side we don’t know about you / a hidden talent?
I sing.

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