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100m race watched by photographer Bernard Brault

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On Sunday, after the runners’ usual presentations, the photo that will tour the world will be taken around 8:53 a.m. (EST). If there is no false start…

The planet is waiting to find out the identity of the successor to the fastest man in the world. Usain Bolt, the man in the yellow bib was seen by all the paparazzi at the stadiums of Beijing (2008), London (2012) and Rio (2016).

The Olympic Triple Champion that was imitated is also worth gold if you have it digitally.

I settle down a bit after the finish line. The runner will look at the scoreboard to his left to see his time. It’s a good pose for capturing emotions because they happen right after 100m.

Quote from:Bernard Brault, La Presse photographer

Bernard Brault at his 13th Olympiad. In other words, a photographer Journalism He’s already seen snow. But in Tokyo, we like to say it was really hot. Getting the most desired images from the first gaming event is a good challenge. The photographers are all in the same kitchen.

Before the race I was a little nervous, but I got in my bubbles and focused. I hope to get a good picture of the winner.

The winner of the 100-meter race at the Tokyo Olympics may be Andre de Grasse. But the Canadian could end up far from the leader. We agree, of course, that it wouldn’t be far, but it wouldn’t take much for the image to stay on tablets (or on a memory card) if a proper runner wasn’t in sight.

Over the past games, it was easier. You had to focus on Bolt. This time, you will have to do your homework.

Exactly who will win this famous race? Even expert Bruni Soren is not sure.

Roll the dice and the winner will be on one of the six sides, He said.

Which faces? Is it Brummel, Baker, Curley, Sympene, Huggs or de Grasse?

Bernard Brault would like to be his target. without any distortion.

You can imagine if the picture is really good. And with the digital system, it’s instant. Previously, you had to go and put the movie in the press to see if you had the right movie and the focus was right. With today’s high-performance devices, the odds of failure are minimal.

The photographer retains precious memories of his time at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

One of my best Olympic photos is Donovan Bailey’s victory in the 100m. It was really expressive. At the time, we were using film and focusing manually. I was very proud to have it. His facial expressions are really amazing. We can also see rival Frankie Fredericks in the background.

Quote from:Bernard Brault, La Presse photographer
Donovan Bailey screaming after crossing the finish line.

Frankie Fredericks and Donovan Bailey

Pictured: Bernard Brault

Not having a spectator doesn’t bother him too much

I always try to get interesting wallpapers. In games, we don’t see any ads about athletes, which is great for us. I want to see Tokyo 2020 or the Olympic rings in my viewfinder to determine the venue or year.

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Bernard Brault would never turn down an Olympic mission.

That’s what I love the most, nothing beats that, games. It’s like three weeks in heaven.

On your marks, get ready, take your pictures…

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