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Fun and surprising characters in Beniva’s first TV campaign

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5,000 dedicated employees, 75 years of experience protecting people. This is the sum of the combination of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance that now bears the name Beniva Which launches its first advertising campaign.

You should know that Beneva takes a humane and benevolent approach. She puts people at the center of her business and supports them in their life projects by giving them peace of mind.

Disclosure of the first TV campaign!

At the end of the thought process of all the stages leading up to the publication of her new brand image, Beneva is ready to present her first advertising campaign to all residents of Quebec.

“Our campaign aims to inform the public about the merger of the two companies and pave the way for Beneva’s humanitarian and philanthropic approach,” says Louis-Philippe Rowe, Vice President of Marketing and Marketing. The company wants to demonstrate its accessibility and desire to be close to people. It was this idea of ​​proximity that inspired the concept of advertising.

The friendly and humorous TV campaign is based on the search for the best spokesperson for the new company. In this concept, Beneva considers the services of various characters to represent her.

Sarah Jane Labrosse, Marie-Lynn Juncas, Manuel Hortubes and Sonia Benezra are part of the cast for the French speaking side, and Rita Baga, Joan Fracas and Sonia Benezra for the English speaking audience.

“By choosing these public figures for our advertising campaign, we wanted to reinforce the message that Beneva represents everyone and is therefore based on an inclusive model,” explains Mr. Rowe.

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“In the end, we came to the conclusion that our employees are best able to convey our values. We are very proud of the result and can’t wait to see the public’s reaction.”

Watch the TV campaign video

To celebrate the occasion, Beneva has also thought about revealing the scenes of the filming of this first TV campaign that includes, among other things, comedic scenes with the star characters. A unique opportunity to see behind the scenes and capture the real moments.

Watch the highlights of the filmed

Learn more about Beneva

La Capitale and SSQ Insurance’s shared values, such as mutual aid and a sense of community, made it easy to combine these Quebec companies into one entity.

Through this union, Beneva is giving herself the means to grow at the Canadian level, while maintaining her humanitarian and streamlined approach. “Our value proposition is different from other insurance companies. We adopt a reciprocal approach where it is the people who protect the people,” says Louis-Philippe Roux.

But one might ask, why the name Beneva? “We wanted to find a name that reflected our human approach and our commitment to society. So the name Beneva was created from adding Bene, associated with good, going to represent action,” explains Mr. Rowe.

With rigorous, reliable and recognized insurance experience, Beneva wants to continue to provide the best service, but to all Canadians, in addition, a wide range of products always focused on its primary mission.Protecting people.

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Find out how Beneva stands out Here.

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