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Funny Veronique | All wearable comedy, extra Véronic DiCaire

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There are a lot of stocks in the new comics Funny Véronic In TVA: sketches, parodies, real songs, inventive songs, false advertisements and imitation. It’s all served in chunks of a few minutes and delivered quickly.

Hugo DumasHugo Dumas

The only common thread is Véronic DiCaire, the talented star of this novelty who kicks off on Wednesday January 27 at 9:30 pm, right after Beautiful harassment 2.0

No doubt it is possible, Funny Véronic It is based on a sense of humor and tone SNL or Like Moi! As with these quilting products, it is often uneven. For a cool flash there is always a less interesting clip. no way.

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Veronique Decaire, superstar Funny VéronicAnd the New from TVA that launches on Wednesday January 27th at 9:30 pm.

The first episode of the program Funny Véronic It starts with a very important idea SNL, Or “The girl you don’t know is bothering everyone.” This awkward and awkward character, played by Véronic DiCaire, will make a comeback throughout the show at various times.

Then we continue making a country music video, The only glassVery average. It is with a parody of the show Discovery What Funny Véronic It reveals its potential. Set up by Eric Bernier, Charles Tessier introduces artists who have had to re-discover themselves during the pandemic, including Isabel Pollay who became the leader of bingo and Sarah Jean Labrouse, who is now the face of the gas pump. it’s working.

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The number “The Girl You Don’t Know Bother Everyone” appears throughout the show.

Several actors surround Véronic DiCaire in this project, including Eric Bernier, Catherine Chabot, Josée Deschênes, Benoît Mauffette, Gabrielle Côté, Anglesh Major, and Sharon Ibgui, who plays Sasan’s veiled mother in forever.

The vignette for crepée Gladys Darisse (Véronic DiCaire), Quebec’s most popular real estate broker, succeeded. Then, Funny Véronic Attacks City rooms, It was renamed Rooms in the countryside, In the style of “low budget” conjures Zoumbadouwowpifpif From Appendices. pointing to City rooms Already dating and the only person who has managed to emulate it, it’s clearly Véronic DiCaire, an idealist in Lola, a character Anne Dorval brought into the world 30 years ago.

What works worse at Funny Véronic ? The songs are semi-fake, without costume or makeup. Between two drawings, Véronic DiCaire performs, in black and white, excerpts from real songs like provocative, Margo, OffsideBy Charlotte Cardin or No one’s daughterBy Hubert Lenoir. The sound is correct, but these breaks break the rhythm of the comedy show.

In the second episode, the best moment comes with auditions to find a new host in it Love is in the meadow. Eric Bernier features as Serge Denoncourt and Simon Polleris. That’s perfect. Once again, praise is Véronic DiCaire which perfectly imitates horticulturist Marty Laverdeer and actress Louise Latravers.

There are hardly any shows poking fun at popular culture (TV, Radio, Web, Music), a niche that was dominated by RBO at the time. Funny Véronic It has the power to fill this void if it narrows its content and focuses more on contemporary things. For example, Melania Trump’s White House pictorial is déjà vu, especially in good bye.

And like Funny Véronic Happening at 9:30 p.m., we can dare to have more corrosive masks. Marie-Andre Labie (too muchSign texts Funny VéronicIn collaboration with Véronic DiCaire and Josée Fortier. I am curious to see the rest.

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Not a funny crime

It was a reaction of many of you to the lightness and negligence that Bruno Janie (Michel Sharett), Bobbo (Sebastian DeLorm), and Patrick Bessonette (Vincent Guillaume Otis) dealt with the finger cutter case in the Monday episode of District 31.

Without turning all of this into a national scandal, I admit, I felt similar anxiety. Quick context: A man appears at the police station with his thumb amputated. It was his wife who cut him with scissors while he slept.

Detective Sergeant Noelle (Catherine St. Laurent) takes the complainant’s statement, while the “boys” laugh behind them. Then, when the finger cutter emptied Bruno Gagnier’s bag, and was not taken with any remorse, the reaction of events was the same: Bisonette laughed uncontrollably. Hello guys! We are talking about a serious crime here, right? Pull yourself up, my sweet Jesus.

In contrast, the case of patrol guard Nessley Bonnet (Carl Walcott), who suffers from post-traumatic stress, has opened a very exciting window into the mental health of police officers. The scene in which Commander Daniel Chayison (Gildor Roy) puts his antidepressant vials on his desk and talks about his weaknesses is written and acted out with beautiful sensitivity.

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