Netflix renews Emily in Paris for two more seasons

serial Emily in ParisThe streaming giant, whose second season premiered in December on Netflix, has announced that it will return for seasons three and four, the streaming giant announced on Monday.

Although she has been the target of criticism for her portrayal that is too stereotypical for Paris and the French population in general, the Netflix series directed by Darren Star was hugely popular.

Three weeks after hitting the platform, season two is among the 10 most-watched series of the year on Netflix in 94 countries, according to The Hollywood Reporter, with 107.6 million watch hours in the first five days of its release. The first season was also the most-watched comedy of 2020 on Netflix, in addition to being selected for Emmy Awards.

Critical series

The first season ofEmily in Paris He had previously been criticized by a large part of the French critics, upset at seeing the Parisian population represented in a stereotypical manner.

I was surprised that people could get annoyed with anything in this seriesthe lead actress, Lily Collins, said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last August.

It’s a hilarious romantic comedy. I kept thinking to myself, “No one can be so sensitive.” We laugh at some clichés, but they are cliches that everyone has been a target at one time or another, whether from an American point of view or from a French one.

Lily Collins will reprise the role of Emily, an ambitious American exile in Paris for work, in the third and fourth seasons of the series, whose release dates have yet to be announced.

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