Whale survival depends on stopping rope fishing

The documentary calls for a rethink of lobster hunting in New England and Atlantic Canada, with the goal of protecting the endangered species of North Atlantic right whales.

Boston Globe reporter and documentary filmmaker David Appel, in collaboration with producer Andy Loeb, share this perspective in the film tangledPremiere in Canada this week.

The documentary notes that the waters in the Northeast Atlantic are getting warmer and warmer, sending the whales onto a collision course with the gear of lobster and lobster fishermen.

Heavy fishing lines tearing whales’ bodies can kill them very slowly, sometimes for up to six months.

In an interview, Mr. Abel said that one promising solution to this problem is technological advances in fishing gear.

The documentary includes a number of scientists who argue that radio fishing should be encouraged as quickly as possible by the government.

The nets can be located through acoustic signals and the various techniques that are used to lift the traps from the ocean floor.

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