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Galchenyuk takes the MLS route

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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Toronto Maple Leaves handed striker Alex Galchenuk to Marlies, their MLS school club, on Saturday.

The former Montreal Canadiens started the season with Ottawa Senators. The latter swapped it for Carolina Hurricanes, who swapped it out two days later on the Toronto roster.

“It will allow him to play in an environment where he can find his directions, learn about our system and do so in a place where he is confident, without worrying about his place in the squad or making mistakes.” Sheldon explained Keefe during a press conference with the media.

This will be Galchenyuk’s first experience at this level, as he has not played any MLS matches since being recruited in the first round (3rd overall) by the Canadian in 2012. In 557 National League matches, the 27-year-old collected 321 points. .

Meanwhile, the Maple Leafs sent defender Martin Marensen to their school club, while forward Kenny Agostino and defender Timothy Legrain were placed in the reserve team.

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