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Gaspé is experiencing a real economic boom

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The expansion of the LM Wind Power station will create up to 200 new jobs, which represent new residents who will need housing and who will need to be able to provide services, including daycare places.

Gaspe Mayor, Daniel Cote (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada/Margaret Morin

2021 has been a record year for construction, the mayor confirms. It is for approximately $240 million worth of projects to be undertaken and/or completed.

Daniel Cote specifies that the previous record of $115 million dates back to 2006.

« It is unbelievable what is happening now. »

Quote from Daniel Coty, Mayor of Gaspé

The vagaries of the pandemic, access to materials, higher costs, longer duration and scarcity of labor have not stopped us from moving forwardThe mayor proudly notes.

He also indicates that 161 housing units, social or private housing were built in 2021, noting that more than 300 housing units were established during the past five years.

But not everything is settled. The city of Gaspé is always in need of new real estate developers to build housing for rent, among other things.

Residential building under construction.

Over 300 homes have been created over the past five years.

Photo: Radio Canada

big projects

Several major construction projects have begun, including the LM Wind Power site ($160 million), the Seniors’ Home in Rivière-au-Renard ($30 million), and the Department of Transportation’s Service Center ($21 million).

Among the projects considered urgent is the construction of a road between the industrial area of ​​Augustine and the sea port to transport the blades of huge wind turbines.

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Even if he escaped access to a program to help build a new arena last year, Daniel Côté does not lose sight of the project and intends to be ready for new programs.


Gaspé Square will soon be 50 years old (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada

Regional air transport: a key issue

Mayor Gaspé wants to take full advantage of this momentum. This is why regional air transport remains a major issue in her eyes.

Since Air Canada let us down, we’ve had two companies, Pascan Aviation and PAL Airlines, Daniel Cote recalls. So somewhere, we’re lucky to have them. On the other hand, flight schedules and ticket prices are also still an issue.

It’s more stable than before, but still more expensive, even if Gaspésiens can get discounts of 30% and Madelinots, 60%.

A ramp agent spins a plane on the runway at Gaspey Airport.

Regional air transport at Gaspe Airport (archive)

Photo: Radio Canada

However, he admits that the situation can hardly be improved with the significant reduction in the number of customers traveling less due to the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, we were 25,000 passengers a year, and there weren’t even 10,000, he says. I understand them, [les compagnies aériennes], so you won’t be able to offer more.

Like many other mayors, he is eagerly awaiting the reform promised by the Minister of Transport, François Bonardel.

Based on an interview by Bruno Lilifri

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