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Gaspesi represented well in Assises de l’UMQ

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The environment and housing will take center stage during discussions in Quebec City on Thursday and Friday.

Topics familiar to Gasp and Percy City Council members.

Daniel Côté has been playing around for years with a constant shortage of housing throughout the Greater Gaspé.

Percy’s mayor, Cathy Pourier, leads a municipality that has had to pass legislation to regulate tourist accommodations, but especially for a city that for years has had to resist the effects of climate change.

Territory occupation, environmental taxes, transportation electrification, elected officials’ wages, social media intimidation, food independence, there will be something for everyone!Kathy Poirier writes about event programming.

The meeting will start with a forum on housing under the title: Housing First: Between Affordability, Access and Equity.

Mayor Berset will co-chair the law firm with Lachine Municipal Councilor in Montreal, Younes Boukala.

Photo: Radio Canada/Isabelle Larousse

Problems are tested in different ways, assures the UMQ head, but there is a structural deficit that needs to be bridged. Solutions such as the right of first refusal, which would allow the municipality to be a priority buyer when selling a property, or to finance new programs, will be discussed.

Land use and climate change

Climate change will be examined from the perspective of land use planning.

We can’t grow like we used toGaspé, the mayor of UMQ, commented in an interview Thursday at RDI.

This phrase from Daniel Cote promises to be the leitmotif of so many elected municipal officials. All over the world, we agree that intensification is a good way to combat climate change, He points to Mr. Cote.

The mayor of one of the 20 largest municipalities in Quebec, Daniel Cotet is well aware of the challenges posed by a small population spread over a vast area. He said the Assizes would be a moment to reflect on the intensification, transfer and occupation of the region according to their respective realities.

Daniel Cote insists that the fight against urban sprawl will not lead to the construction of multi-storey towers in all municipalities: We don’t want to tarnish downtown.

City and Bay of Gaspé

For Mayor Gaspe, fighting urban sprawl won’t create multi-storey towers in all municipalities (Archives)

Photo: Radio Canada

The UMQ President also reminds us that people will continue to thirst for wide open spaces. However, he believes that the increased density of city centers, not just those in Montreal or Quebec City, will promote the emergence of new lifestyles.

Quebec will announce in a few weeks its national policy on land use planning, which has been prepared in collaboration with, among other things, the Federation of Quebec Municipalities.

L ‘UMQ affirms its commitment to Optimizing the use of space according to the environments and regional realities .

GizaUMQ It has not been held in person since 2019. The event gathers more than 1,500 people from all regions of Quebec.

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