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General Cole will lead the mission in Sinai from now on and will head the military press

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Brigdon General Pavel Cole (Jan 23, 2018)
| Photo: TK

The military announced the details On our website Kol will start on the 5th of this summer.

It’s great for the Czech Republic and our army at first. We have longstanding and highly valued allies who are involved in this mission. Defense Minister Jana Ernuchov commented on the selection of Peter Cole, saying that the choice of General Pavel Cole is evidence that the soldiers are reliable partners.

The general himself is very happy, tb reported the general on the site. I am really honored. (…]The process of international recruitment of women was not easy. At first, the fact that I was chosen and accepted by the editor-in-chief of the MNF, Egypt and Israel really made me sweat, and shared the mission of the future MNF commander.

esk stopa v misi MFO

set MFO (MNF and Observers Ed.) is responsible for monitoring the security conditions of the 1981 Israeli-Egyptian Peace Agreement. Today there are 1,151 soldiers mostly from the United States, Colombia and Fiji.

The mission, which will be led by General Cole, will operate in the Sinai Peninsula from two depots, from the northern camp in Jura and the southern camp in Eram Achish. The Czech Army first joined the mission of the multinational force in 2009, and the republic is represented by eighteen servicemen.

Cole will be the 13th commander of the MNF mission, replacing Major General Evan Williams of New Zealand. Cole served in the AR Ground Forces as Deputy Commander and Editor-in-Chief of the Department of Defense Special Forces Editorial Office.

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He was deployed to the Stabilization Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina and represented the Czech Republic as a senior national representative in Tampa, Florida. He fought Freedom Lasts and ISAF operations in Afghanistan.

Twice to date, the officers have led the EU training mission in Mali, under whose command the allied multinational forces are grouped in Slovakia.

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